Best Bathroom Gadgets Compared: The 9 Best ‘Smart’ Bathroom Gadgets 2017

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Updated: June 29th 2017: Today we are on the hunt for the best bathroom gadgets of 2017. This post was originally made in October 2016, however when it comes to the world of smart home technology, the landscape is moving fast, and as such this post was out of date. When it comes to the creation of a great smart home, the bathroom often comes second. Smart home technology so far has been very focussed on central hubs (to power the entire home and connect all of the devices), thermostats (like Nest, Hive, Tado), security systems and connected lighting. However after you discover our list of the best smart bathroom gadgets, you may find yourself changing your tune, and even beginning in the bathroom as you look to create the perfect smart home.

As you’ll see, a lot of so called smart bathroom tech focusses on using hands free technology, which makes flushing the toilet and using the soap much more hygienic. The market also has some genius smart shower solutions, which monitor all aspects of your usage, preferences and temperatures to create succinct user profiles. Much like a lot of cars now have default settings to remember how far you like to sit away form the wheel, these smart showers remember everything about how you like shower. This sounds pretty simplistic, but if you are anything like me, you likely have a pretty specific shower set-up, and it could well be very different to how your family, partner, room mates or whoever else you share your shower with, like to take their showers.

We also adore the towel spa, which warms your towels up to the perfect temperature, which is the perfect way to finish a long and relaxing bath. There is little doubt that this sort of technology deserves its place on any list of the best bathroom gadgets of 2017 so far. In fact more than anything, i really like the immediate practicality that comes with smart bathroom gadgets – where some smart home products can seem a little gimmicky, these sots of smart bathroom gadgets actually improve the quality of your life. Little things like spa warm towels can make a huge difference to your day to day bathing in a way that having say, a smart security system may not. Both have their places, but on a day to day basis, i know which i prefer.

Let us know your best bathroom gadgets in the comments below, and we always appreciate you sharing our pictures on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. First of all though scroll through the below list of smart bathroom gadgets and prepare to be amazed as the smart home revolution hits the bathroom!


5. This personalised shower solution helps you monitor water usage, lets you track how long you’re in there for and lets you set very precise showering temperatures. This is our best bathroom gadget for overhauling your showering experience


More and more of us are increasingly environmentally focussed and smart showers are a great way to help save on water use, mainly by making us all more aware of what we use. There are no lack of them on the market, including this offering on Amazon. The Efergy model here costs just £9.95 and helps you track and measure your water usage in realtime 


The Phillips Diamond Clean toothbrush is a new ‘smart toothbrush’, which brings revolutionary cleaning capability.

Currently available on Argos for £149.99 and for $165

This is one of a new breed of electronic toothbrushes, which is genre-changing. Its now well recognised that using an electronic toothbrush helps to keep your teeth cleaner and whiter – and this toothbrush typically comes with a money back guarantee if it doesn’t achieve this goal. We recently reviewed it and compared it with the arguably even smarter wifi enabled Oral B 7000 here, but on balance we prefer the Diamond Clean. You can see it in action in the HomeTechStar video review below:


This Towel Spa warmer gently heats your towels up whilst you use the bath/shower, ensuring that you have warm fluffy towels when you’re finished. This is the best smart bathroom gadget for mimicking the spa experience at home


There are a range of these must have smart bathroom gadgets for sale on the market, but we really like this Amazon bestseller which is on the market for just $79.99


This RainBrain shower control system lets you granularly control all aspects of your shower, and set users up with their own preferences


The Rainbrain shower solution is amongst the best on the market and it is really a rival solution to the first offering and brings with it some slightly different USPs. Like everything smart home, there are a number of rival companies who are chasing the smart bathroom gadget marketplace hard.

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