8 Easy Ways to Build an Affordable DIY Home Movie Theatre

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Everybody wants a home movie theatre, but most of probably made the mistake of thinking we could not afford one. Well think again with these in-genius home movie theatre ideas, which let you DIY your way to an awesome home solution which will leave your friends green with envy! Lets dive in

4. When it comes to making the perfect DIY home theatre – remember mood lighting goes a long way

The home theatre is perhaps the ideal place to play about with Phillips Hue smart lighting or other such smart lighting solutions. This offers the easy ability to change the lights from your phone, giving a professional cinema experience to wow your friends with 🙂

Check out this clever use of an LED strip light;

Or this smart backlight – which offsets the smart TV to make a stunning visual impact;

Next up is creating the perfect star ceiling lighting – hit next to continue

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