8 Easy Ways to Build an Affordable DIY Home Movie Theatre

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Everybody wants a home movie theatre, but most of probably made the mistake of thinking we could not afford one. Well think again with these in-genius home movie theatre ideas, which let you DIY your way to an awesome home solution which will leave your friends green with envy! Lets dive in


5. Use reclaimed wood pallets to create a bespoke home theatre

Look at how some simple old wooden pallets have been layered up to create a stacked seating area. The look is finished off with a wooden pallet back-drop for the TV.

Need a TV for your home theatre? This Panasonic Viera 50 inch 4K TV would work a charm in this sized room. You can check it out on Curry’s here for £799

These wooden pallets are easily stacked and secured, making it a nice easy way to add the movie theatre slope to your set-up

Simply add some cushions and you have an easy comfortable home set-up;



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