Withings Aura Total Sleep System [Spotify 2017 model] review

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Today we wanted to tackle the subject of sleep – and to meet that end here is our Withings Aura Total Sleep System review. This could be one of the breakout smart home products of 2017, so lets dive in

5What is the Withings Aura Total Sleep System?

Since the trends for wearable devices and smart home technology have emerged on mass over the last five years or so, we have seen a wealth of devices which have offered sleep tracking functionality. However the majority of this has been as a secondary feature. Think about wearable devices like say a Fitbit, where the primary function is to measure your activity and it also offers a thrown in sleep tracker [of sorts], and the sort of data it throws out has made a skeptic out of many of us.

This scepticism is not helped by the simple fact that sleep is pretty objectively measured. If we sleep badly, we rarely need to be told about it, as we slouch around all of the following day feeling tired and guzzling coffee. If we sleep well, it kind of falls into the background of the day, as we don’t really consciously notice that we are feeling refreshed unless we have had a period of feeling the opposite.

So a combination of poor quality tracking (root cause – secondary functionality) and a lack of tangible and actionable data coming out of the other side have combined to put sleep tracking on the back burner when it coms to the smart home revolution.

The Withings Aura is helping to change that though. This is a device made specifically with sleeping in mind. It won’t also tell you how many steps you have taken and calories burned – its total focus in on helping you sleep better. In a 2017 world plagued by electronic interference – think of the negative press that mobile phones get when it comes to sleep disturbance – then there is an argument that another electronic solution is perhaps the last thing we need. However there is a role to play for a ‘proper’ sleep tracker, especially if it can collate valuable enough information to actually help you sleep better moving forward. The Withings Aura does actually help here.

Note – this is not a brand new device, but the Aura 2017 model is upgraded to incorporate Spotify, providing a sleep solution which helps you nod off and wake up to your favourite music.

We have been using it for 3 weeks, so lets dive into our findings in the following Withings Aura 2017 review. Click next to dive in

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