Why Buy A Smart Lighting System? Here’s 5 Good Reasons!

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Smart lighting systems are getting more in-vogue, but many people don;t understand the value they bring. In this piece we investigate why you should buy a smart lighting system. Lets dive in.

This is the time of the year when a lot of Americans start to consider the upcoming Super Bowl. The biggest show on earth is only weeks away. Or maybe your gig is WrestleMania, another such occasion when thousands of Americans get folks over to their homes in order to put on a show. Or maybe you like to have dinner parties or house gatherings. Either way, home lighting is critical – which is where smart lighting comes in.

The lighting in your hosting space, such as your living room can and does have a massive impact on how you watch TV, especially if you have a home cinema projector. Too bright, and the picture washes out, yet too dark can be highly oppressive. The light intensity at half time, pre-game and post match will want to be different again. Or even forgetting the game, match, event or other occasion, having smart lighting can help you show off when you get friends and family over.

Smart lighting systems let you play DJ, but with the lighting rather than the sound system. When the Rock makes his entrance, you can bring it to light – quite literally – in the living room by adding strobe affects. Or when your team win the Super Bowl, you can set off the party lights. When you play some tunes later on in the evening, the lights will play to the rhythm of the beat. Smart lighting is in – yet it is still niche enough to have an impressive impact on your guests.

Having a smart lighting system also adds in options for lighting scenes. Forgetting the guests, they can also be used impressively for romantic evenings in. You can easily and remotely dim the lights and set the scene, with a much filler range of options verses a standard implementation.

Smart lighting systems are easily to install too, making them a great first smart home choice. Compared to thermostats and security systems, they’re a doodle to get going. Set up the hub with your wifi router and change the bulbs, install the app and sync your devices and you’re away. They really are a 20 minute job, and pack a lot of bang for your buck.

Smart bulbs are also energy efficient, whilst allowing you to easily flick lights on and off whilst on the move – perfect for mimicking the appearance of somebody being at home when you’re out and about, at work late or on vacation.

However, we’re appreciating entertainment season, and more than all of this, smart lighting systems are fun! So where should you start? We recommend the Philips Hue system. Philips were the pioneers of the lightbulb, and more recently the company has started investing a lot in light systems, from smart lighting to their amazing wake-up alarms. If you’re ken to learn more, you can see a huge range of options on their introduction to the Hue page, here. They have a huge range of options, but their starter kits are the most logical kick off.