The Smarter FridgeCam Is Here To Make Your Fridge Smart

FridgeCam lets you know what you have in the fridge and what produce is going out of date - helping cut wastage whilst helping to inspire your meal choices.

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At a time when everything in the home is getting smarter, have developed a FrideCam solution which is intended to revolutionise your fridge. The FridgeCam is the latest smart home product off of Smarter’s connected kitchen conveyor belt. The concept is simple – add the small wireless camera to your fridge and you can instantly see what products you have in stock, what is going out of date and also you can make more informed recipe decisions based on what you have at home. Today we’re diving into the FridgeCam and giving you a behind the scenes look at the product which is now available for pre-order. Lets dive in

Busy day, back to home – frustrated! Time for an evening cup of tea… Oops, no milk!!! Really, there can be nothing more infuriating than running out of milk while preparing a cup of tea for you after a long busy day!! Isn’t it? Alternatively, how about grasping that you’re missing an essential ingredient mid-way while preparing dinner? Way too niggling!! Right?

Now take a moment to envision the world where you can get an immediate knowledge of the foodstuffs – present or absent behind those grand doors of your fridge. Sounds impractical, correct? Well, you won’t believe, but now, with Smarter’s new fridge cam, this is possible! Yes! Smarter’s latest technology claims to knock-back this hurdle with a Bluetooth-linked camera that would stand within your refrigerator.

FridgeCam – A gadget to solve the first-world problems, in the shape of a fridge camera!

As the world turns out to be SMARTER, companies are inaugurating a number of “SMART” home solutions that by means of Wi-Fi are making your life cooler. Smarter, the London-based company recently declared its new Fridge Cam. This little round wireless camera would stick in the interiors of your fridge. Then, at that point, you can use the Smarter’s FridgeCam app to screen the foodstuff you have in it. This cool new device would smarten up your old kitchenette, beyond doubt. Each time you open your refrigerator door; this would snap a picture that may perhaps get synced to your mobile phone wirelessly. Hence, as an alternative to going near your fridge, opening its door and drawing out your cup of milk or the bottle of fruit-jam, you must check your mobile!

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The SmartCam features

The Smarter FridgeCam is basically a wireless camera that easily stands inside your fridge, letting you observe the stuff inside from wherever you are, by means of the Smarter App. In conjunction with the rewards of spotting the contents of the refrigerator remotely, the app would let you track their expiration dates, auto-restock and propose recipes depending on the foodstuff present inside. Take a look at its noteworthy features:

  • An exclusive design

Now, speaking of the design, there’s not plentiful of things to round about here. FridgeCam is not at all showy, and arrives in white hue only. This is basically a white plastic loop with a lens in the center that can be easily ascribed to any section in your fridge. It’s smooth and minimal, and appears to be something that you would really want in your home.


  • See what food you have in your fridge

Groundbreaking food tracking technology of FridgeCam identifies what foodstuff you have in your refrigerator. With this, you would learn with time to better comprehend the articles in your fridge.

  • Notifies you of food expiration dates

With the Smarter app, you’ll get instinctive reminders directed to your smartphone on foods that are about to expire.

  • Notify you when it’s time to pick up groceries


Using the FridgeCam, you can observe your leftovers in the app, while if you’re running low on something. This lets you check if you have sufficient butter, for instance, while you go out for a weekly grocery shopping.


  • Help you better manage your leftovers


In the direction of reducing your food waste and save money, the app would propose ways to use your groceries before they become useless. The recipes suggested by Smarter Chef are a convenient option when you’re out of ideas, by all means.


  • Geo-location Reminders

Smarter’s app will correspondingly inform you when grocery stores are close, while you’re running low on more than a few foodstuffs, thanks to geo-location reminders.

  • Alert you when temperature is too high or low

A temperature sensor would signal you if the refrigerator’s temperature is out of idyllic range or if any food stuff is about to spoil. On top of that, it would remind you if you have accidently missed closing the fridge door.

  • Helps in replenishing

The app is smart enough to spontaneously add stuffs that are expired or have been consumed to your grocery shopping list. This can then be spontaneously restocked through your preferred superstore.


Peek into your fridge, no matter where you are! 

As the company claims, with this camera you can actually see what foodstuff you have in your refrigerator even while not at home. Here’s how it works:

  • Each time you shut the fridge’s door, the camera snaps a picture of the foodstuff inside. That photograph is promptly directed to the Smarter app in your smartphone. With this, if you are not at home but desire to know what needs to be refilled in the refrigerator, a simple access to the app will display you the totality of what’s inside.
  • More than that, the combo of the camera and app is smart enough to see once you finish a particular foodstuff, and it would add that article to your grocery shopping list spontaneously. Over and above, the app would aware you of picking up desirable stuffs if you’re outdoors and close to a grocery store.
  • On the way to decrease food waste, Smarter’s app tracks the expiration dates of your foodstuff. This is done by prompting you of the signals when your foodstuff is about to expire; on the road of being hopeful that you’ll consume it before it turn out to be uneatable.
  • The Smarter Chef feature of the Smarter app proposes recipes that you can prepare using the foodstuff presently in your fridge. Here, the principle that works is to prepare a decent meal using the food you have at present. So that, you can use it rather than purchasing extra food you don’t presently require, thus avoiding wastage of food.


What makes the FridgeCam a more handy option for tech-savvy customers? 

Here’s the answer!

  • The best thing about FridgeCam is that it runs on rechargeable batteries that must work well for three months of use. That’s definitely isn’t too grungy. As FridgeCam simply captures photographs and stays in sleep mode maximum time. Smarter guesses that it would last for about three months on a single charge. When it needs to be charged, you just have to get the camera out of the refrigerator and charge it via a USB Type C port.
  • This is well-matched with your current refrigerator. So, no need to spend your buck on a totally new smart fridge.
  • The camera is really designed to save you money. This is a real-world way you to invest that makes your home smarter without digging a hole into your pocket.
  • The Smarter app is compatible with iOS & Android Operating Systems
  • The camera supports Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.


What are the downsides?

Certain aspects of the camera are still a mystery – as is often the case with new products which are available for pre-order only. For Instance:

  • What would happen if it captures a picture in the dark when the door is shut?
  • By what method and how often is a picture refreshed?
  • Does the lens of the camera have a coating to prevent it from getting hazy within the refrigerator?


Smarten up your “dumb” kitchenettes with FridgeCam!

Do you often fail to recall that you have specific foodstuffs in your fridge, and then you have to refuse them as they spoil with time? Well, if that’s the case, Smarter’s FridgeCam would be a smart choice for you. When combined with the proprietary Smarter app, this camera would make certain that you, by no means, forget what’s there in your fridge. This product is self-expounding! All you need to do is, just assign the suction-mounted camera within your fridge and use the Smarter app to capture photographs of its contents. Thus and so, so you’ll discern what you have in store, all the time. Check this product out, trust me, it has more than a few features that you may perhaps be engrossed in!