10 Best Garden gadgets – 2016’s Coolest Gardening Gadgets Exposed

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We’re all aware of how the ‘smart home revolution’ is bringing increased automation and sophistication inside the home but now its time to expose the best garden gadgets to go alongside your smart home. With the emergence of a new range of smart garden technology, we can now transform our gardens int autonomous things of beauty. From smart sprinklers, to weather stations and robotic lawnmowers, we’re going to show you how the coolest gardening gadgets and how they extend beyond the four walls of your home into your outside space.


What is smart garden tech?

The idea of this guide is to help you discover the diverse world of smart garden technology. There are a huge array of tools out there which will enable you to better monitor and look after your garden, in turn enabling it to flourish throughout the year.

Smart garden tech focusses on a number of core competencies (behind the technology), which includes tools focussed on providing greater insight (typically sensors, for the weather and temperature etc) and tools which focus on replacing manual activities, like watering your plants and grass.

Lets dive into the best garden gadgets that we have seen during summer 2016.


10. Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer

What is it? a genius hedge trimmer which collects as it trims, whilst also packing an impressive motor.

Where to learn more: http://www.gardengroom.com/pro.htm



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