Singlecue Gesture Control Lets You Control Your TV With Gestures

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Today we’re taking a look at the Singlecue gesture control, which promises to be the next smart home technology to revolutionise our home entertainment by doing away with the need for half a dozen remote controllers in the home. We’re game for that, but does the Singlecue do what it says on the tin? See it in action below;

In the hustle-bustle of every day’s busy schedule, we get very little time to relax and loosen up. And when we get, we want our lazy-hazy days to be totally under our control. When the ‘sit back and relax’ mode is ON we want everything to happen at the click of our fingers, or maybe when it comes to the Singlecue, the wave of your arms. Be it watching the favourite show in the TV or listening to top chart busters. The Singlecue Gesture Control for your TV and entertainment devices helps you to control all of your entertainment devices through one control panel. Its almost like controlling an iPad, with comparable types of gesture control, but you don;t control a screen and instead move your hands and arms in the air. However the ease of eliminating the clutter of different controllers is massively appealing for many. 

The Singlecut has the capacity to make every electronic device in the home remoteless, meaning you can rely upon the Singlecue Gesture Control to control the full plethora of different devices made by a diversity of different manufacturers. No more juggling with different sets of remotes and no more scrambling down the back of the sofa to find the remote control to switch off the TV, alter the volume, change the channels, or any other such function. The touch-free clout of the device can control all your electronic entertainment devices with the little movements of your fingers or hand gestures. Since it has an access to about 100,000 devices and 1,200 brands, you can simply connect all of the homes key entertainment channels to it and be all set within minutes. 

This is a fun and highly intuitive way to control your home. Its entertaining and works equally well for all users, from the young to the elderly. Simply raise your finger and point to the device that you want to control, and then execute an array of different gestures to get the Singlecue to fire up and control that relevant device. The makers of the Singlecur are constantly releasing new gestures too – so more advanced functions come with their software updates.

The device weighs just 780 gm, meaning you can easily get the Singlecue Gesture Control installed anywhere in the home so long as its accessibility is relatively high. The device supports IR-remote controlled devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled ones too. However, you can take a quick look at their website to get the list of all supported devices in one go and then make your decision wisely. For adding new devices to the singleclue all you need to do is download the simple to use singleclue app on your mobile or tablet and let the control comes in your airy gestures by fingers. To simplify your ease of working, you can add as many functions in one movement as you like, stacking functions which you would normally have to use different remote controllers to achieve. Like, for example, you can turn on your TV, cable and AV receiver all at one time with a single hand movement making them listed in “Watch TV” activity. Similarly, you can make as many activities with multiple functions to make the work easier and fun doing both at a time. This makes a lot more sense than my old workflow of flicking on the TV, flicking on the Sky box (with a second controller) then thirdly having to turn on my AV receiver to fire up my surround sound. Now this is done with one nonchalant flick of the hand, and it has some wow factors when guests come over too!

The extra feature of the Singleclue Gesture Control is it does not need any cable connection with the devices it will be made compatible with. It works on its own and makes your workflow faster, easier and more fun. Easy to install and much easier to work on, the Singleclue Gesture Control is taking a place in the heart of many customers. The list of happy and contented customers is the proof that people are now updating  their homes with the latest smart ‘connector’ technology like this, which helps to stitch together the widening number of connected devices that we now have. And why not, when it has the capability to ease your work you don’t have any reason to avoid it.

So it’s high time to upgrade your viewing experience with exciting touch-free interactions. Get one Singleclue Gesture Control device and let your home enlighten with the latest technology. Your presence definitely makes your house a classy home but a smart device like singleclue will make it even more stylish and awe-striking than ever before. Let your neighbors and relatives get little jealous with this luxury and comfort of yours. Let them praise you a little more for your smart choice. 

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Device coverage
Value for money
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