Iris Debut £130 DIY Kit, Transforming A House Into A Smarthome

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Smart homes are all the rage but for many of us they come at a very punch price point. Step up Iris, the do it yourself kit which promises to transform any home into a smarthome for just £130.

The Iris kit, revealed today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is aimed squarely at the small apartment, single or couple occupancy market which dominates the property landscape in large urban conurbations like London and New York City. Demonstrated in Vegas using a fully developed show home in the expo hall, consists of a core £90 “home automation” pack, and a £40 control hub.

As is the premise behind all tech aimed at the home, the Iris gives you remote control – via your smartphone – capability to control core household elements, including your heating, security (it has motion sensors to detect intruders plus remote door locking/unlocking functionality) and lights. The main upside of having an app based control mechanism accessed via your smartphone is the ability to tweak the settings whilst out and about, or even whilst on holiday. Many folks like to use this technology to remotely flick lights on and off whilst out in the evening, or to set the temperature ready for when they’re returning from work. The flexibility offered by an app far outweighs using timers, especially in 24/7 high octane environments like London and New York City.

A further benefit to Iris is its ability to enable you to lock and unlock your doors, which means it plays nicely with other home tech, such as smart door bells (many of which let you communicate via a separate app, meaning for example you could then remotely unlock the door for a family member who you may be running late to get home and meet).

Portability and changeability are also core concepts behind the Iris, not least because of the single occupancy and often rented market that they’re chasing. Rental properties targeting young and single men and women have notoriously high turnovers, meaning folks living there are moving a lot. Iris have accommodated for this by making their device easy to remove and take with you, meaning that it will not be rendered a wasted investment left as unintended goodwill for your landlord.