Google Home Versus Amazon Echo: We Find a Controversial Winner

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Today we compare the Amazon Echo with Google Home, in what could shape up to be a formative battle in the race to own the smart home. The Echo has been a breakout success for Amazon, merging high quality music playback with enough smart voice controlled features to keep us engaged. Today we look at how it compares with the soon to launch [in the U.K] Google Home rival. Lets dive in 

Do you want a home assistant that can serve you by playing music for you, answering your queries, calling a cab for you, switching your lights on and off and a lot more? If yes, then it’s time for you to go for a “smart speaker”. What’s that? Well, you’ll be startled to know that the tech colossuses are now working on such projects and devising some brilliant solicitations for you. Here, we are going to discuss two of them –Amazon Echo and Google Home

Some time back, Amazon presented the “Amazon Echo”, a simple cylinder that stands over comfortably on your kitchenette counter or bookstand. This personal assistant not just takes note of every word you say but also see to your commands.

At the present, Amazon Echo is receiving some company as Google launches another smart speaker termed as “Google Home”. Yet again, this performs the identical tasks as Echo, together with playing music for you and answering your questions and a lot more. On top of these basic services, the Google Home would access your datebook, Google Maps and additional services as well.

Let us understand what these gadgets depicting futuristic trends are all about.

Amazon’s Echo – a range of models from just £49 and a lot of smart skills

This voice-activated smart home speaker from Amazon is unquestionably ahead of its time. Then again it’s hands-on and accessible as well.

Being compatible with a number of finest smart home products, it turns out to be a perfect investment. Some of these smart home products include Honeywell, Hue, Lyric, Nest, WeMo and iHome. As soon as you get Amazon Echo into your household you’ll discover more and more uses for it.

It’s a rather great speaker, but we’ll discover later if it’s best or not. Owing to its outstanding voice recognition, the product would hear you from anyplace, no matter what. It has third-party apps for almost everything and a number of them appear every day.

Being able to overhear and apprehend everything and every time is the most significant feature for a voice-only gadget. And Amazon’s Echo absolutely nails this down!

Google Home – for now it offers less price points and features – but don’t count the maker of the Nest out just yet

Google Home is nothing else but a virtual assistant that offers you an access to question-and-answer info. Unlike Alexa or Siri, it doesn’t possess a real-person name. Nevertheless, it has a feminine American vocal sound that’s somewhat robotic.

This would easily incorporate with Google Calendar, Chromecast or Google Maps to provide you quite a few personalized solutions. All you need to do is just utter the word and she’s all set to talk to you or answer you at all times.

At present, this would allow you to manage a number of mundane tasks that include:

  • Manage cooking timers
  • Check your datebook
  • Fix morning alarms
  • Recall shopping lists
  • Acquire business information
  • Order a cab for you
  • Procure weather and traffic information
  • Manage smart home gadgets

Furthermore, this assistant from Google can joke with you and entertain you as well. All you need to say is –“OK Google, entertain me” and you’ll fall in love with what happens next. Isn’t that great?


GOOGLE HOME VS AMAZON ECHO – where to place your bet in early 2017 

So, is Amazon Echo the paramount way to access the whole thing? Or is Google Home the most appropriate for a number of things? Well, with a quickly mounting account of features and incorporations in both the gadgets, it’s easy to get excited about them and rather hard to find the best. What yet stays certain is that both of them are fairly smart and are the finest connected home products that money can ever buy. Let us peek into their differences to understand them even better.


What do these gadgets do?

At the primary level, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are little speakers, so ideally they must play music.

  • Of course, Amazon Echo streams music from Amazon Prime Music. Likewise, Google Home plays songs from Google Cast and Play Music.
  • Both of them support Spotify and TuneIn radio; however Google Home proposes Pandora as well.
  • On top of that, Amazon Echo doesn’t feature multiroom audio, while the Google supports this as well.
  • With Google Home, you would be able to cast your music in a number of rooms. In addition, it is clever enough that just the closest one would reply to your orders.
  • Google Home would let you cast videos onto some Cast-compatible Television. Just speak what you desire to watch and that video would pop up on your TV screen.
  • Both of them integrate with Philips Hue, Nest and Samsung Smart Things. Along with, the Amazon Echo integrates with Hive while Google Home with IFTTT.


  • The Amazon Echo characterizes the ‘Alexa’ digital assistant. However, Google Home features the ingeniously entitled ‘Google Assistant’.
  • Alexa can understand a sequence of simple directions while the default search engine is Bing.
  • With a discrete benefit of Google, Google Home is put up right into Google’s general style. It is even capable of imitating your shopping lists.
  • Google Home brags two-way chat. This is created by Google’s algorithm of natural language processing. This allows for a natural two-way conversation.


  • Both gadgets are basically the voice-controlled speakers. When speaking of design, both of them come with a tall and round design. However, the Amazon Echo appears to be more practical and no-nonsense while Google targets a bit decorative design.
  • The Amazon Echo owns a rather unfussy design with a smooth cylindrical shape together with a distinct loop of light at the top.
  • To stack up against this, the Google Home is a slight more decorative. Along with a curved shape motivated by wine glasses, it owns a slanted top, with four LEDs.
  • Amazon Echo follows a mechanical approach together with a physical knob to manage volume and a mute button. Google, conversely, devours a capacitive touch panel. You’ll have to swipe this to control your music. Moreover, it owns a mute button at the rear side.


If it’s about intelligence and obtaining solutions for random queries about all kinds of facts, Google Home turns out to be a champion.

In view of this, it doesn’t mean that Amazon Echo is totally senseless. But then again, there are some queries that the Google Home would answer; however, Alexa would just respond “Sorry, I don’t know the answer to your question.”

For instance, if you ask: “Who is Bill Gates?” “When was he born?” The gadget would deduce from the context that “he” denotes to whom. Per contra, Amazon Echo would not offer a proper solution to this.

Therefore, you can say, that Google Home is context aware and more intelligent. Taking all this into account, the Echo knows certain stuff, but Google certainly knows a lot more.

Who’s the ultimate winner? 

We have talked over the pros and cons for gadgets from both the tech titans. Henceforth, now, it’s up to you to decide on which one is the best or would favor you. I feel that Google Home definitely provides a clear edge over Amazon Echo in each section. As a technology aficionado, I like both of them. Yet I am more inclined towards Google Home as it provides a natural chat and is going to own more capabilities with upcoming apprises. Google, with this gadget, proposes a mission to establish the world’s info and make it collectively accessible and valuable. Beyond a shadow of the doubt, Google Home tends to be way better than Echo while executing its onuses. Anyway, there exists a very close battle, with both tech giants scratching at as many facilities as they could get hold of.