How To Make A DIY Wine Cork Pin Board

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We feel in love with this Etsy cork pin board, and set about re-creating it at home.

Here is what were aiming to create:


We loved the rustic design of this snazzy and practical pin board, but as Etsy no longer has it in stock, we set about building our own version.

Step one – find some distressed wood

An old plank of wood, like the below would work well:

crackedwoodAnother option would be to choose to go for a reclaimed railroad sleeper, like one of the ones pictured here:


We choose to go for an old plank of wood though, to better mimic the Etsy piece pictured.

Step 2 – clean down the railroad sleeper / plank of wood / wood of choice


As this is old wood, and the look and feel that we’re seeking here is distressed, we choose to steam clean the wood. This ensures that the wood is fully sanitised and thus clean, without ruining the affect of it by, for example, sanding it.

Step 3: Gather your old wine corks


Any old / used wine and champagne corks will work a treat. We spent six months saving our old ones up, but if you don’t have nay there are a number of places (most notably eBay) where you can buy a bunch of used corks in packs of 50 or so. I liked the authenticity of using ones that came from bottles we had sunk, but that may well not matter to you and is a bit irrelevant in all honesty.

We did not treat ours, and instead kept that ‘as is’, which means they infuse a range of champagne and red wine flavours into our hallway (which is where i hung the board).

Step 4 – chop some of the corks in half

We left some of the bigger champagne ones intact, to add depth and texture, but otherwise chopped the smaller wine corks in half. This gets you a flat surface which you can apply the adhesive to, getting them to stick to the board better

There is no easy way – you just need a hack saw and a wood clamp to secure them with.


Step 5 – glue them to the wood panel

Apply the glue (we used general adhesive) to the corks



Then its just a case of mimicking the look of the Etsy product from ColoradoCorkCreative or coming up with your own design.

and there you have it – a simple homemade version of this wonderful Etsy inspired cork board.