28 Food & Kitchen Gadgets That You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

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Today we’re on a mission to uncover the best kitchen gadgets of 2017. Food gadgets are all of the rage at the moment, not least because of the impact of food shows like the great bake off. These shows have made food gadgetry sexy, and inspired by this, we set out to go and find the best of the best. Scroll through the below gallery to see some of our favourite smart kitchen gadgets on the market in 2017.


This spiralizer lets you swop spaghetti and other carbs for healthier alternatives


You can grab this spiralizer on Amazon.com and immediately turn run of the mill carb-laden meals into super-healthier waistline trimming alternatives. Vegetable based alternatives are often tastier, healthier, higher fibre and lower carb than traditional pasta based options. At $48, this is one of our favourite spiralizers on the market, and a spiralizer is a gadget which every kitchen needs

This pencil sharpener lets you create great carrot (and other root veggies) designs
You can check it out on Amazon.com

These herb scissors make chopping up your various herbs a total breeze

These herb scissors:

We came across these on amazon.com, and were pleasantly amazed by their simple genius. No more fine chopping, simply cut once and the job is a good one. Mark them up in the nice to have category, but they’re still well worth while, especially if you have your own herb garden.
This genius stand makes it easier to use your iPad to read recipes

This amazing duck mug has a special compartment to store your biscuits


We all love to dunk a biscuit in a good old cuppa, and now FindMeAGift.com have the perfect solution – a mug which includes a special biscuit holder.

This pizza-cutting fork transforms the way you eat pizza

This pizza-cutting fork:

Sold by stupidiotic.com, these are the next generation of cutlery for pizza consumption. This genius gadget acts as both a knife and a fork, yet you only need one cutting hand to execute. Brilliant.

This retro wall mounted bottle top remover looks as good as it is functional


Another FindMeAGift offering, this retro bottle top popper simply screws to the wall, ensuring you’ll never go through the pain of losing the bottle opener ever again. Downside, a few of your friends may lose their party trick opportunities, ranging from pulling the top off to cracking it with their teeth. Yeah, we can pass on those too.

This self-stirring mug takes away the stirring pain, and gives you the most perfectly mixed cuppa.

This self-stirring mug:

eggheadtoys.com sell this genius mug, which ensures your sugar gets the perfect amount of stirring every time. Manually stirring was so 2015

This coffee cup acts as chalkboard too, letting you leave a personalised note for a loved one before they leave the door in the morning

oob256-chalkboard-mug-1 (1)

As far as kitchen gadgets go, we’ll admit that this one comes in on the more basic end of the spectrum. However, it is a nice bit of fun, and strikes us a lovely way to start a loved ones day with a personalised message to send them off to work with a spring in their step.

This banana slicer radically changes how we go about chopping up bananas

This banana slicer:

Another amazon.com piece of gold dust and another kitchen gizmo which will prove pretty hard to live without. Simply slice up bananas into perfectly uniform sized chunks using this simple cutter.

This pot and colander combination takes away all the pain of draining

This pot and colander combination:

dwell.com have come up with a pretty perfect combo drainer and cooking pot here, and we thoroughly recommend you checking it out.


This Corn Zipper gadget makes con on the cob a much more practical veggie

Corn Zipper kitchen gadgets

We love corn on the cob, but lets face it, it can be a bit of a pain. However, this amazing kitchen gadget certainly helps out on that front. Sold by plowhearth.com, this has to be one of the most in-genius gadgets on the market today. You simply push the gadget down the corn on the cob, and it then collects the corn in the handy little holder.
Or how about this avocado cuber?
Every brunchers dream is a tool which makes avocados on toast easier. Find it here on Amazon 

This Yolker makes it super easy to separate eggs

You can learn more here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/849939509/yolkr-the-incredible-egg-yolk-separator

Use this great tool to crack the egg shell;

You can buy it here on Amazon – egg shell remover 

This egg slicer lets you nail your presentation of said eggs;

This retro candy floss maker looks too good


Get it here, and you’re certain that this little kitchen gadget gem will go down a storm at any frat parties!

This automatic tea bag lifter means you’ll never have to touch a horrible used tea bag ever again

This automatic tea bag lifter:

popgadget.net‘s little penguin tea bag crane is pretty spectacular, and we were onboard in an instant!

This chopping board cleverly collects your veggies in a special compartment


This chopping board cleverly captures your chopping, making it much easier to gather them up and deal with them. Bag it here at BangGood.com

This Oreo dipping wand makes it all too easy to perfectly dunk an Oreo

This oreo dipping wand:

thisiswhyimbroke.com specialise in somewhat pointless yet totally wonderful gadgets, and this Oreo dunking spoon has to be right up there. Nobody likes having to handle a dunked Oreo, and now we don’t have to. Bliss.

This breakfast sandwich maker combo machine makes the perfect breakfast muffin in two minutes flat

This breakfast sandwich maker:

hamiltonbeach.com have come up with this form of George Forman meets sandwich maker meets breakfast gadget, which actually makes it feasible that you may not need to buy another breakfast muffin on the go ever again. Think how much that would save you, run the math and then go and invest in this epic machine. The best bit? It only costs $30.

Get it here.

This twirling spaghetti fork saves so much frustration

This twirling spaghetti fork:

hogwildtoys.shptron.com are geniuses. We all love spaghetti but we;re not all ninja’s at getting it onto our folks let alone into our mouths. Consider this problem solved, and it works incredibly well.

This Star Wars lightsaber has to be the best tong on the market


Buy it here at MenKind

This smart kitchen gadget nails avocado slicing

This 3-in-1 avocado slicer:

lightinthebox.com have just made me have an avocado everyday for my lunch – because suddenly it is so much easier to actually prep the darned thing. Plus, I get to turn heads in the office kitchen with this pretty epic food gadget.

This $0.99 potato slicer means you can make fries like a pro

potato slicer

Found for sale on eBay

This “Roll ‘n Pour” makes buying big – and getting bulk discounts – painless

This "Roll 'n Pour":

We love buying big flagons of juices – it saves money and lets the juice keep up with our thirst. However, handling the larger containers is a tough job, but that is where rollnpour.com come in. If we wanted to do heavy lifting, we would get down the gym. Instead, this makes it a piece of cake to pour a fresh juice, even for kiddies.

This meat tenderiser infuses marinade as it tenderises

This marinade infusing meat tenderizer:

hammacher.com make this pretty smart kitchen gadget, which both tenderises your meat as well as infusing marinade flavour.

Use this omelet cooker to make omelets easily in the microwave

This microwave omelet cooker:

Omlets are healthy, cheap and a little bit of a pain to make. Until lekueusa.com came up with this kitchen gizmo which makes it a breeze.

This smart kitchen scale removes all the guesswork around weighing food

This app-controlled scale:

brookstone.com help you to nail your baking and achieve perfection with this smart scale.

This motorised ice cream cone does the swirling for you

This motorized ice cream cone:

likes.com have perhaps the most pointless yet brilliant gadget of them all with this cone which swirls itself. Now you thought the self stirring mug was ridiculous…

This handheld egg cracker turns breaking an egg into a exact science

This handheld egg cracker:

Another one found for sale on amazon.com and another gadget which takes away a kitchen chore – this time the chore of egg breaking.

This automatic pot stirrer ensures that your food is perfectly stirred

This automatic pot stirrer:

amazon.com sell this pot which stirs itself, and we think its brilliant. It ensures your food is evenly cooked and takes the arm aching work away, which is fine by us.

This bag holder means that you never have to hold the bag open again

This hands-free baggy holder:

amazon.com sell this one too, and we love it. Ever been to the butchers and bought meat that you intend to freeze? ever had the annoying job of putting it in to separate freezer bags? Yeah, we feel the pain too, and we beat you to buying this gadget to solve the issue as well.

This kitchen gadgets shoots the popcorn straight into your mouth, saving you the job of picking it up piece by piece

This popcorn machine that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth:

popcornindiana.com have taken the work out of eating popcorn, and we couldn’t agree more that theres a serious need for such endeavour. Its genius, and makes it so much easier to consume our favourite movie snack. Winning.
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