28 Food & Kitchen Gadgets That You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

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Today we’re on a mission to uncover the best kitchen gadgets of 2016. Food gadgets are all of the rage at the moment, not least because of the impact of food shows like the great bake off. These shows have made food gadgetry sexy, and inspired by this, we set out to go and find the best of the best. Scroll through the below gallery to see some of our favourite smart kitchen gadgets on the market in 2016.

28This Corn Zipper gadget makes con on the cob a much more practical veggie

Corn Zipper kitchen gadgets

We love corn on the cob, but lets face it, it can be a bit of a pain. However, this amazing kitchen gadget certainly helps out on that front. Sold by plowhearth.com, this has to be one of the most in-genius gadgets on the market today. You simply push the gadget down the corn on the cob, and it then collects the corn in the handy little holder.