Apple iDevices Smart Light Socket Is The Perfect Introduction To Smart Lighting

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Today we dive into the Apple iDevices smart light socket, which transforms any old light in to a next generation smart light socket. It joins a list of stellar smart lighting solutions which include the Phillips Hue main event – so lets dive in and see where this fits on the pantheon.

The iDevices is a retro-fit solution as opposed to the plethora of ‘smart replacements’ for household appliances which are often in perfect working order if a little ‘dumb’. At HomeTechStar we’re a fan of retro fit solutions, which aim to transform their dumb counterparts into smart solutions. Such solutions are infinitely more cost effective and make adoption much easier, especially when you start layering in the added benefits of smart controls, which bring energy efficiency and other such advantages to the homeowner.

So when it comes to the iDevices socket, you simply screw it into the lamp or other light socket, and then attack a regular bulb. So it acts a little like a connection valve which links the old socket with the old bulb, which is a common form of retro-fit smart home device.

As this is an Apple solution, it plays inherently with their HomeKit solution, which also connects into Siri – meaning that controlling your lights can now be done by talking to your smartphone. Add in that Siri can be hailed without touching your iPhone (so long as the feature is enabled and the iPhone is connected to a power cord), you will suddenly find yourself shouting ‘Hey, Siri, turn on the lights’. Once nighttime comes around, you can also ask Siri to activate the nightlight if you so desire.

Before you fret, not all control has to be done by shouting at the otherwise fleetingly useful Siri app. iDevices comes with an iOS app too, enabling you to more precisely control the brightness and hue of your bulbs without having to try and explain it to Siri, only to repeat yourself three times.

Available later this winter, the iDevices Socket will work with any bulb with a standard screw base and allow remote control and dimming via its iOS app and Siri. It could be a nice entry point for those still attached to their regular bulbs who want to try out automation without messing with the warmth of their room.

iDevices, available this winter, also includes a smart wall socket, dimmer switch and wall outlet. Priced in the £35 price range, they offer a simple and effective introduction to the worlds of smart lighting.

Smart lighting has gained popularity for a multitude of reasons. The ability to remotely control your lighting from afar gives many people greater peace of mind when out of the home. If you’re on holiday, you can suddenly take control of the lights and mimic being at home. Many apps have functionality to help you more effectively do this by learning your usage habits and then replicating them when you’re not at home.

Then whilst at home, being able to use your iPhone to activate and deactivate lights in each room is a surprisingly useful tool – and one that you quickly can;t believe you lived without. How many times have you been sat on the sofa only to suddenly realise its gotten quite ark very fast? Its much easier to flip on your smartphone, which is probably already within reaching distance and flick it then it is to jump up and flick the physical switch. No need to pause the movie, you can take action quickly and easily.

There are also a tonne of benefits for the elderly and disabled. For you and me it may be mere connivence that makes us like the idea of using our smartphone to control the lights – but for others who find moving around tougher – this sort of technology is a god-send.

With no need for a smart home hub, a low price point and a simple to instal ‘no tools required’ set-up – this Apple iDevices smart lighting solution could be the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of the connected home.

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