Amazon Dash Button In The UK: Dash Products, Video & How To Get it for FREE

Gizmo lets you make repeat (common) orders with the single push of a dedicated button, which you strategically place in your home

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The Amazon Dash, a one-touch button which lets you order all kinds of goods with a single press of a button is launching in the UK, following in the footsteps of the US where the product has been making a splash.

What is the Amazon Dash Button?

The premise is surprisingly simple, and in some ways, actually feels a little bit after its time. The idea is that you place these physical Amazon buttons (an there really is no other way to describe them) around your home, enabling you to repeat order the types of goods that you find yourself buying all of the time. We’re talking stuff like washing powder, toilet rolls and pet food – the kinds of things which you may well order 6-12 times a year. The proposed upside is that it takes away the need to remember that you need to re-order, because you will have stuck a darned big button right on the front door of your washing machine, or by your toilet, or in the dog food cupboard. Its reactionary and fast, bringing true ‘in the moment’ shopping to our fingertips, even in a world of mobile-commerce.

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You can buy as many Amazon Dash devices as you wish, and you pre-program them to be linked to a specific product. The launch partners include Ariel, Durex, Huggies and Listerine – perfect encapsulating the repeat purchase market.

Amazon Dash button durex
An Amazon Dash button for condoms could be a useful way to ensure you never run out and stifle the passion?

Amazon Dash products – which products can I buy with the Amazon Dash button and which ones would i really want to buy with it?

The appeal for the brands must be significant, considering the hundreds of millions of pounds that they spend a year in the UK promoting these staple products. The brand wins instant brand loyalty, because suddenly we are not shopping around for the best deal. No longer do we go to our local supermarket and see which mouthwash is on discount this week. Instead we always buy Listerine. This feels like a consumer hurdle for the Amazon Dash to have to find an acceptable way to traverse. I may be an automated machine when it comes to buying my dog food (Mickey likes the same brand of food so i buy the same food all of the time) but other products like mouthwash leave me much more inclined to shop around on.

amazon dash button washing powder
Personally, i find the dash button for washing powder to be one of its better use cases

In total, the worlds leading e-commerce vendor are launching their button with over 40 different products for UK customers to choose from. Doubtlessly driven by the US market learnings, where the button has been in market for over a year now, these are considered the width and breadth of the rapid fire buying products.

Amazon Button Video

The below video is the official Amazon trailer, which showcases the buttons capabilities form the horses mouth;

Amazon button costs in the UK – what will it cost me to hook-up my house with these buttons and how you can get the Amazon Dash for FREE

The buttons, which are roughly the size of a stick of chewing gum will set you back £4.99 in the UK. After you buy one of these buttons, you have to connect it to your homes wifi network via the Amazon app. It is via the app that you program each button, although the heavy branding of the buttons shows you which products they relate to. For example, the Durex branded button is probably not the one for buying the dog food with. However, there are multiple sized Durex offerings, as well as types of contraceptive, so you’ll want to connect the button to your favourite variety and size of pack.

After that, all you have to do is position the button in a place that makes sense, and so long as it is within range of your Wifi router then you’re officially all set.

Amazon dash button free

However, you actually can get your first Amazon Dash for free.

Amazon are offering the sweetener that they will refund you £4.99 off of your first purchase using the button, effectively meaning you get it free of charge. So long as you use the button, then you’re getting it for free – which in fairness is the price point that i believe the button should be at. It feels to me like a product which the bigger brands, Unilever etc, should be effectively sponsoring considering the brand loyalty that we, as consumers, are giving them by using their button. Therefore the rebate method seems to make sense, because it avoids Amazon having to ship a whole tonne of these buttons to folks who will never use them.

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Another stellar amazon dash use case - perfect for when the toilet rolls are running low!
Another stellar amazon dash use case – perfect for when the toilet rolls are running low!

So there we have it – all you need to know about the Amazon Dash button. If we left any corners unturned, hit us up on the comments below.