7 Smart Home Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed & Now Can’t Live Without

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There are so many smart home gadgets that its hard to know where to start – and the process of searching is made no easier by the fact that many of them are solving problems which you knew you had.

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Step forward HomeTechStar.com – and our list of the best smart home gadgets which help to solve problems that you did not know existed, and as such, you never knew these gadgets exist. Yet after you see them, we’re sure you’ll agree that many of them fall into the category of ‘must buy’!


8. The BeerJet automated beer keg


Few gadgets have the potential to add more wow factor than a beer keg dispenser – which is almost like a snazzy coffee machine, but for beer instead of black nectar.

We’re in awe of the BeerJet. Anybody who has been to Germany will have seen the smaller servings that they love in cities like Hamburg. Unlike the bigger Steins which Germany is perhaps more famous for, these smaller beers stay fresher and don’t go stale towards the end. The BeerJet is the ultimate solution to get these smaller beers into your home. You can see their expansive range on their official website – here