7 Smart Sleep Aid Gadgets Which Will Actually Make You Seep Better!

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Updated – November 18th 2016: We have been on the lookout for the best smart bedroom gadgets, with the aim of uncovering some tech which will help you sleep better. We wanted to cut through the confusion and unearth a list of sleep aid gadgets which actually work in 2016. When it comes to smart homes and smart home technology, the bedroom is pretty slow to come to mind and when we do mentioned ‘bedroom gadgets’, we’re probably more likely to set pulses racing rather than slowing them down for a good nights kip. However once we remember that we spend a third of our lives in the land of slumber, it becomes more apparent that if technology can help us sleep better, then we actually stand to have a big win in the bedroom. That big win, for the avoidance of any doubt, is better sleep, so lets dive in and find come cool sleep aid gadgets!

Tech gadgets and sleep – an oxymoron?

Technology, or more specifically devices like smartphones and tablet computers get a really bad rap when it comes to their impact on sleep. The bright screens act like crack to our brains, wiring us up right when – in the evening at least – we’re trying to wind down. Sitting in bed reading an iPad may feel like a modern day take on the age old ‘read in bed before going to sleep’ but sadly, when it comes to this at least, that is one bedroom gadget which has no place in the bedroom. Since the emergence of sleep modes which shift the infrared spectrum to a less stimulating redder hue, this problem has subsided slightly, but there remains a misconception that the very idea of tech or bedroom gadgets and sleep are oxymorons. This list of seven sleep aid gadgets to help us sleep better is intended to help overcome this.

4This Sony short flow projector can be used to watch movies in bed, or alternatively, to add peaceful tranquility before you turn off the [smart] lights!


We open our batting with a slightly left field bedroom gadget, but this short-throw Sony projector does serve a purpose when it comes to sleep – and that purpose is relaxation. I really love the versatility that this projector brings. The short throw means that it works in more cramped spaces, so large pictures like the one shown above do not require the projector to be 10 or more metres away, as you’d expect from more traditional projector solutions. As you can see in the picture above, this projector sits directly by the wall, meaning even the smallest bedrooms have the space for it to work. Lets face it, none of us fancy the idea of spending Saturday re-arranging our bedroom to fit a projector in, but this solution is elegant and easily installed, and in my opinion it represents a surprisingly potent sleep aid gadget solution. There are no false promises or clunky marketing claims – this is cold, hard common sense – if you can turn off he bedroom lights in a more relaxed state of mind then clearly you stand to sleep better that night.

As another selling point for the projector bedroom gadget argument, it is wonderfully versatile through the whole week. On a Friday, you and your partner may want to finish that movie in bed, and it can be used for that without having to commit the space to a TV in the bedroom (which is rarely a good idea from a sleep point of view).

More commonly though it can be used to project calming, tranquil nature scenes on to the wall. Me and my partner like to throw up shots from our favourite holidays, which bring back warm feelings before bed (this mental tranquility and positivity works brilliantly). This means we talk before bed, we’re relaxed, and we go to sleep calm and happy. The impact on our sleep? Honestly, its beyond measure. I can’t recommend this idea enough as a genuine sleep aid gadget – and you can discover Sony’s short throw projectors on their official site here and this one is specifically worth a look – even if the £999 current price is likely to put many of us off.

This Elgato Avea mood lighting will help you sleep better

cheap sleep aid gadgets

I believe that this mood lighting can play ball nicely with the idea of tranquility that we’re trying to build with the short-throw projector idea. How will this smart tech help you sleep better? Research has uncovered the importance of lighting before we sleep. We have all heard of the ‘blue light’ which comes out of technology like tablet computers and smart phones – the stuff that i was referencing at the top of this article – and we broadly understand that stuff is bad news. This light quite literally turns on our brains, which in turn makes it much harder for us to fall asleep. Mood lighting like this Elgato Avea (linked to Amazon) helps regulate the light, creating a more peaceful sleeping environment. At £30, its a small price to pay for a sound nights sleep, and a small investment in smart bedroom gadgets which make you sleep better. This sot of mood lighting represents a great starting point for anybody looking to add a smart component to their home (or bedroom gadgets in this case) and this represents a potentially big win for a small outlay – and that is what we like at HomeTechStar! As a sleep aid gadget this one, much like the projector, makes few big marketing claims and instead it relies on some lateral thinking to find its way onto this list – and if you invest in it, i really doubt you’ll regret it.

Ready for some more serious sleep aid gadgets? Up next is a smart mattress, which you could say ups the anti some what!

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