4 Soda Water Makers Compared – Which is The Best Soda Water Machine?

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I’m a big fan of sparkling water, yet the environmental toll of bulk buying crates of green plastic bottles was starting to weigh heavily on me, and also, carting 4 packs of two litre soda waters back from the supermarket was a mean feat of strength. So I decided to set out to find the best soda water machine. In this article, we compare four different solutions for making soda water at home, ranging across a SodaStream market leader, through to a retro 1960s solution, a more heavy-duty water machine and a unqiue CO2 gas tank-less solution, which has great eco specs. So lets dive in and find the best soda water machine of 2016 so far.

SodaStream Jet


SodaStream are the most abundant creator of home soda water makers – and they have a fairly large range as a result. I have included this one, as it is the one that I own and choose, because in my opinion there simply is not enough difference between this one and their more expensive models. You can see their full range on their official website here, but this £40 model enables you to fill up a simple plastic water bottle, then you screw it into the top of the machine and give it three quick squirts of gas. The machine then barks at you to stop, you unscrew it and you have your own 1 litre bottle of sparkling water.

The one major downside is that the water bottle is not especially large, so if you do get through a lot of this (as I do), then you will be up and down messing around with the machine quite a bit. The screwing mechanism can be slightly awkward to get to ‘bite’, even after practice and the machine does feel very plasticky, but other than that I consider it a very sound £40 investment. There will be a full review of this coming over the coming week or so, so connect on social media so we can let you know when we have the piece finished.

Bonne O Carbonated & Mixed Beverage Maker


The Bonne O Carbonated maker is interesting, because it does not actually use a CO2 gas tank. It instead uses special CO2 tablets rather than the gas tank, which the company claim are more eco-friendly (less wastage of old gas tanks, less parcels and packaging etc). Unlike the SodaStream, this machine enables you to make other cocktails beyond sparkling water, but like the SodaStream it also enables you to create custom flavoured sparkling soda waters.

Soda Siphon


The Soda Siphon is another alternative way to make soda water at home. Those with longer memories may remember this solution from the 1960’s and 1970’s, where they reached their first peak before making a retro comeback in 2016. Boasting a 1 litre capacity, this £29.99 gadget enables you to quickly turn still water into soda water. Its less gadgety than the SodaStream, but it does do the job. You can see it in action here

Larger water dispensers


Larger water machines like this Water Logic machine enable you to serve chilled, ambient and sparkling water. More commonly found in the office, they also work at home for those who drink considerable amounts of water, and they can be the perfect solution for people who work at home.

So that concludes our dive into the best soda water machines on sale in 2016. Which is your favourite? let us know in the comments below!