4 Smart Mirrors Which Can Transform Your Home

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These are the 4 best smart Mirrors on the market in 2016. When we were recently looking at intelligent home systems, and smart mirrors were identified as one of these systems. When we talk about intelligent systems for the home, we’re talking about normal household items which have been given a ‘smart’ makeover. Mirrors are almost the perfect product – regular household items, no intelligence and thus ripe for the upgrade. They have been billed for such an upgrade for some time now, since at least MWC in March 2015, so where has the market gotten to?

The most logical place to put a smart mirror is the bathroom, which unlike the kitchen, living room, heating systems and security systems is arguably the room which has ben least affected by the whole smart home revolution. However, despite there being a raft of smart mirrors focussed on the bathroom, there are other offerings aimed at other parts of your living space. Smart Mirrors can pop up anywhere where you may conceivably place a mirror in the home – including in ornamental and functional positions. The main genres of smart mirrors are functional bathroom mirrors, informative dressing area mirrors (which overlay useful information and decorative TVs disguised within mirrors. We have aimed to cover all in our below introduction to the whole concept.

Below are four products which show the different width and breadth that this technology is taking.

HIB Vibe Bluetooth Mirror – This £300 smart mirror lets you discreetly play your music in the shower

HIB bluetooth mirror

On the surface, there isn’t really anything special about the HIB Vibe Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror. Yet the clue is in the name – as your normal bathroom accessory does not carry bluetooth functionality, but then again, nor is there any obvious use case for one that does. Nor for that matter does the typical bathroom mirror also contain stereo speakers, but once we understand that this mirror does, then we immediately see the use case for the bluetooth – as a method of hooking up your smartphone, iPad or other connected device with the mirror.  It also contains LED illumination, enhancing your ability to see detail and a few other nifty features.

This 32 inch 3d TV is hidden in an innocuous looking smart mirror


On first glance, its your standard living room mirror. Its 32 inches corner to corner, has a gold frame (which can be changed to fit your living room theme) and hangs on the wall – in pride of place above the fireplace – just like any old mirror. Then you turn it on, and it metamorphosis’s into a 3D smart TV. At £1,250 its one of many on FrameYourTV, a website dedicated to offering smart TV’s hidden inside of even smarter mirrors. Check it out here  

Keuco Smart bathroom mirror cabinet


This is another bathroom mirror which is doing a pretty darn good job of masking the fact that it is in-fact a ‘smart’ mirror. As far as the look and feel goes, its as bland and ordinary as they get. However the £400 mirrors price tag belies the fact that it actually has a bunch of intelligent home features. Learn more here 

19 inch Google bathroom mirror TV

Google smart mirror TV


This offering from Google focuses on a pretty big essential ‘must have’ for a bathroom television set, being waterproof. With all oft he condensation kicked out by showering and bathing, any TV set put into the bathroom needs to be specially adjusted for its environment. The TV set also acts as a bathroom mirror, but when in TV mode it features Freeview as well as Google chromecast, enabling you to connect other smart devices and to watch home videos and music on the 19 inch screen. Priced at £350, its offered by Waterproof TVs, a company specialising in TV sets for the bathroom