12 Ways To Use Led Stair Lights To Light Your Staircase

We provide some expert tips to help make your staircase more stylish and also safer, especially at nighttime

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LED stair lights marry form and function, bringing very real visual benefits as well as making your stairs safer. That makes them our idea of a no-brainer! Scroll through the gallery below to be inspired and then read our ten top tips to installing them safely and effectively. If you like what you see, please share the inspiring pictures on Pinterest!

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12These subtle ‘edge of the stairs’ LED Stair Lights instantly bring this hardwood staircase to life


11We love the combination of thick pile carpet stair-tops with hardwood kick-boards, which have cleverly combined LED stair lights to bring them to life


10Here they are from afar, using larger LEDs. Personally I prefer the subtlety of the smaller LED bulbs, but home decor is all about personal taste


9This contemporary staircase may look otherwise dull and lifeless, but the addition of the LED stair lighting has transformed them


8This combination of LED stair lights and an imposing arched outdoor staircase is masterful 


7A major benefit of LED stair lights is the safety factor – they clearly make it easier to climb what would be an otherwise pretty dark stairwell.


6This clever fading affect is really eye-catching

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5And this variation cleverly throws the shadows on to the walls to lighten the overall impact


4On this version, the homeowner has placed the LED bulbs into the walls, providing a more subtle solution which still affectively lights up the stairwell


3A similar approach has been followed here, but more lighting has been deployed at more regular intervals



2So how do you make your staircase into a true home-feature?

The staircase sits at the heart of your home, and is often-case one of the first things that a visitor would see when they enter the home. However, most staircases are so plain and boring, that they go entirely unnoticed. Step forward LED stair lighting, which does a pretty good job of putting paid to that.

Below are the HomeTechStar expert tips to make your staircase a feature in your home

  1. Planning is key. You need to understand if you are going for a subtle look or a flashy ‘look at me design’. Stair lighting can be functional, subtle, loud or even a combination of the above.
  2. Retro-fitting LED stair lights is infinitely do-able, but if you are thinking of installing a new staircase into your home, then it pays to plan ahead. Expert installation of stair lights is key, and that is easier done when putting a staircase in verses after you have it fitted
  3. Style or function? Are you inserting these stair lights to help people see where they’re going or to make your stairs a feature? you can do both, but it helps to prioritise
  4. Stair lights are very energy efficient at just 1w, so its worth going for one every step or one every other step, fitted into a recess
  5. Recess is key to avoid creating glare. This is where more expensive lights come in, combined with a slightly deeper recess.
  6. Low set tread strips can help guide you up a staircase which may otherwise lack for natural lighting
  7. Lighting the underside of a stairwell can create the illusion of space where it may otherwise be lacking
  8. Remember when lighting outside staircases that you need to only buy lights which are fully water and weather resistant
  9. Have fun! This is not part of the home that many of us have fun with, but there is a big statement to be made when we execute well.
  10. Share your pictures with HomeTechStar! If you manage to create a great home stair solution, please feel free to share the pictures with us, and we can promote on our popular Pinterest boards and across HomeTechStar.com

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