10 Must-Own Kitchen Gadgets For Under $5!

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Here at HomeTechStar – we love Kitchen gadgets. Kitchen gadgets fall into the ‘discovery’ category of products, products which you need to be introduced to before you know that you need them. You’d rarely think to search for them, so today we are aiming to help uncover a range of awesome kitchen gadgets which you can bag for under five bucks.

This potato chip chopper makes it much easier to make healthier home make fries at home – saving hours of chopping!

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This kitchen slicer makes it much easier to neatly chop fruits and veggies


This is perfect for neatly chopping up slices of lemon and lime for drinks, or for quickly slicing tomatoes to create great pizza toppings or salads. Clcik below to buy the slicer in our store

This egg ring makes it easy to make visually pleasing eggs

Egg ring kitchen gadget

In the picture above, the egg ring has been used to create a super neat little omelette, which would work wonders at the next dinner party. Alternatively you can use it to fry perfectly circular eggs, with the added benefit of ensuring they are evenly cooked through. A must have cheap kitchen gadget

Make cool Star Wars shaped ice cubes with this ice mould

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This garlic presser makes it easier to crush your garlic bulbs


Yes you can give the garlic a good thump with the back end of a kitchen knife, but this gadget ensures the garlic is uniformly crushed and free of lumps and bumps. Considering the bargain basement price, its well wort adding to any smart kitchen

This ceramic knife peeler merges the usage patterns of a regular old knife with the benefits of a potato peeler


Every home has a regular old potato peeler, but many folks including myself prefer using a knife. This gadget kind of blends the knife experience with the ease of the peeler, making it the best of both worlds for quickly peeling those spuds!

This Starwars bottle opener is simply awesome!

This fruit slicer makes chopping up an apple safer and much more fun!

Slicing a apple with a knife can be dangerous, so use this gadget to help make the process safer, faster and more fun.

This clever gadget helps you drain rice without losing half of it down the sink


This is one of those simple genius and super cheap kitchen gadgets, and one which all homes need.

Impress the guests at your next house party with these shot glasses made out of ice

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