The ‘Smarter Range’; Smarter Fridge Cam, Smarter Mats & Smarter Detect Will Upgrade Your Kitchen

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Smarter Range, a range of products aimed at transforming your kitchen into an offering befitting of a smart home, are due to add a host of new products, building on top of their iKettle.

The company were busy showcasing their hard work at the Consumer Electronics Show, early this month, and are aiming to augment their kettle offering by building out an extensive range of products through 2016.


Smarter Fridge Cam – Helping you to identify what’s in your fridge whilst you’re out and about

Smarter Fridge cam, allowing you to see what’s in your fridge whilst you’re on the move


We’re seeing more and more smart home technology centred around the fridge, and the use cases make sense.

We’ve all been there. Out and about, and wondering exactly what’s in the fridge. Did we really polish off the last of the beers last night? Are there any mushrooms?

Step in the Smarter Fridge Cam. It lets you view the contents of your fridge, in a live view, by the Smarter iOS and Android apps. It also provides some (maybe?) useful stats, like the current fridge temperature.


Smarter Mats – that sit in your cupboards or your fridge, weighing the contents and helping you plan your next shop

The Smarter mats will augment the Smarter Fridge Cam, but instead of using a camera to actually show you what’s in the fridge or cupboard, they instead sense the weight of the product.

Its a neat concept, based on the idea that the majority of packaged food goods come with a weight stamp, and even if they don’t, the Smarter mats can weight them when they’re full, and then monitor the products as you work your way through them.

Smart home technology is catching up with the kiddie candy snatchers.


You simply set them up, and inform the app of what products its weighing. Where the app recognises them, such as ketchup, it has purpose built graphics to denote the product.

Smarter Detect – detects the status of kitchen appliances, such as an oven, telling you when it reaches temperature

Arguably the least valuable of the new Smarter Range, but equally not without its use cases. Its designed to tell you when an appliance either malfunctions, is finished or is ready to begin a task.

Take ovens for example – they need to preheat, unless you really like to wing it. The time taken to reach temperature is dependant on how cold your building is, how higher temperature you need and when you last used it. This all leads to uncertainty that the Smarter detect tech can help solve – by telling you exactly when the appliance is ready.


Smarter Range release date is summer 2016

The new Smarter range is intended to launch in the summer of 2016, and will be sold across leading online and offline vendors. Like a frustrating amount of the CES products, we’re awaiting a solid price point. We’ll keep you posted, and will aim to work with Smarter to get these products reviewed as soon as possible. Shout with questions in the comments below, and we’ll endeavor to help answer them.