Sony Announce Multifunctional Light, Triggers Other Smart Devices When You Walk Into A Room

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This week saw the arrival of the Sony Multifunctional Light, stepping up their involvement in the smart home space this week, announcing a smart light that can act as a trigger for other connected devices.  

The light acts as a central lighting hub, and via an extensive range of sensors, is able to detect motion and thus the presence of a person, in order to activate other smart technology.

Motion sensor driven lights are nothing new, think outdoor lighting near entrances to homes, but what is new is the idea that the triggering of the device may also trigger other devices. Sony are taking the device inside the home, and are using the trigger to connect with devices like smart TV sets and thermostats in order to activate them.

So when you walk into the room, triggering the Multifunctional Light to fire up, it could also – on the basis that a human is now home – trigger your smart thermometer to up the temperature in order to reach your pre-set home ‘goal range’. It could also flip your TV on, and other such gadgets. A smart kettle could be programmed to fire up as you arrive home. The use cases are pretty much endless, with some lateral thinking.

Much like other smart home technology, this device links in with your connected devices, such as your smartphone. It can also be controlled via WiFi.

The other use case evolves around security, which sits second behind thermostats in the most popular list of smart-tech. These motion sensors will fire when a user moves around in the home. It could be set up so that it can trigger an alarm if the app owner is not at home.


It also has a microphone, which opens up the possibility of it being linked with the Amazon Echo, brining further voice control capability. As it stands, the Multifunctional Light acts as a tool to let you talk with other people in the home who also have a light near them.

For now, the product is available in Japan, but we expect that it will move over to the UK and USA in short order. We’ll keep you posted.