Smart Homes Europe Summit – London, 11/12th May 2016

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The Smart Homes summit will be held in London, England across May 11th and 12, 2016. The trade show should be of interest to anybody with a keen eye for building out a smart home – not least a reader of – and will cover everything from the latest home automation technology, right the way through to the more business end of monetising it. The show will be of greater interest to folks who work in the space, many of whom also frequent this website, as it will dive into a lot of the most pertinent subjects around the business side of functioning in this space.

According to the events hosts, ACI,

Smart Homes are considered to be one of the most important technological revolutions impacting day to day life in the foreseeable future. Leading players from telecoms operators, utilities, retail, insurance, consumer hardware, home emergency assistance providers, security companies, construction firms & property management companies are now in the process of either defining their strategy, have recently defined it, or have already launched the first generation of products & services into the market.

The latter point, reflects the sentiment that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this year. The show was headlined by intelligent home systems, home automation tech and other ‘smart’ devices, impacting everything from the most basic home appliances like kettles through to heating systems, security systems and other home management tools.

The show appears to be a must attend for those working in the space, as it will cover a wide array of topics. These include a focus on the EU market and uptake, the future vie around how new hardware, software and smartphones – as the de-facto operators of these new smart devices – will play together moving forward.

Speakers will include corporate representation from companies like Deutche Telecom, right the way through to start-up players.

You can learn more about the summit on their official webpage, found here. Conference prices are £1,195 for a single pass, or £495 to get your hands on the documentation.