Samsung 2016 Smart Home Plans; SUHD Smart TVs To Be Centre Of Smart Home

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Samsung have announced at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas that their focus for 2016 around the smart home is smart TVs, appliances and their Galaxy tablet. This follows similar news from LG that they will also be focussing on the Smart TV, indicating that it is the revolution of the V set which will take precedence during 2016 over and above some of the snazzier but more standard house hold appliances, like Kettles and security devices. Samsung’s vision is to build the smart home around the TV unit, powered by their smart home hub which allows the TVs universal remote controller to control a further 200 different connected devices.

So Samsung have revealed their latest high definition connected TVs, which was clearly and markedly headlined by their 2016 model SUHD TV set line. This is the latest in the movement towards super-high definition (or ultra HD) TVs, which have superseded 3D TVs in favour of delivering much clearer images than HD. UHD TVs deliver 4x more clarity verses standard HD TVs, and have been viewed as the Future since at least CES 2013.

All this comes as little surprise considering the high regard in which Samsung TV’s are held. Forbes recently commented that ‘Samsung always do things a little ahead of the curve with their TVs’. This is further evidenced in a somewhat egotistical blog post by the Samsung newsroom, confirming that they believe that the current SUHD range will let them ‘dominate the TV market for the next decade’. This boast is being amplified, quite literally, by their presentation of the worlds largest 170 inch TV set, as pictured below and reported by the International Business Times. All of this paints a picture of a company who are upwardly mobile in their TV division and who are now leveraging this market positioning in order to own what promises to be the hugely lucrative smart home market.

This is all aided by their latest TV innovation, the quite incredible new Quantum display unit. The Samsung 10-bit Quantum dot display is the latest evolution in UHD, bringing a picture quality that’s almost as close to reality as reality itself. Its the best bit of technology that I have seen since CES 2013 when Sharp showcased an 8k TV that literally left the crowd oohing and arr-ing. This technology uses over 1 billion unique colours according toJoe Stinziano, executive vice president for Samsung Electronics America. For their SUHD 16 models, Samsung will be rocking sets that begin at 49 inches and scale as large as the super-sized movie theatre-esque 88-inch sets.

Samsung’s smart home TV sets bring the best of regular television with gaming devices and streaming services. This is enabled by Samsung’s smart home hub OS puts your smart TV at the heart of your smart home, with one universal remote control which enables you to control the wider peripheral smart home devices. So the Samsung smart home tech lets you control upwards of 200 different connected devices, all hooked through the internet of things, and all controlled via the one single universal remote control.

This shrewd move lets Samsung ‘own’ your smart home, the latest technology war zone, as soon as they win you into buying one of their TV sets. Such additional appliances include smart fridges, including their family hub refrigerator. The main headline feature will be a set of three internal cameras, which let you remotely look inside and check what supplies you have through the app. So when you visit the supermarket you’l have a much better idea of what you actually need to pick up. One assumes that this technology will evolve further towards helping you check sell by dates, and link items in fridge back to recipes. In the meantime, we have to make do with the fridges giant 21.5 inch monitor (think giant Galaxy tablet screen) which lets you make notes and even share recipes on social media.

Needless to say, Samsung have plenty more smart home appliances on their roadmap, and we expect plenty more announcements throughout the remainder of this Q1, with likely release cycles of easter 2016 onwards. We’ll keep you posted.