Mio MioSMART Unveiled at MWC 2016

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Mio have unveiled their latest smart home product at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona Spain. They enter the competitive smart home security segment of the market, bringing a rounded security system which blends a live streaming CCTV camera with door and window sensors. The company, formed in 2002 and based out of China, will be competing heavily with the British Gas owned Hive system, as well as products from Netatmo and other bigger named manufacturers. Lets investigate what they’re showing off here in Spain.

MWC 2016 is being headlined by smart home products, with the IoT enabled devices which transform the home being used to usurp the traditional mobile flavour of MWC. The Mini-CES as it is fast becoming, is a hotbed of new smart home tech, not least this new offering from Mio.

Billed as being ‘the perfect combination of IoT device, smartphone app, and cloud platform, MioSMART creates an integrated solution to protect and monitor the home environment, or anywhere security is a concern.’ What does this mean in reality? Well, you’re getting a live video monitoring tool, meaning they join the smart home security bandwagon, which comes via the MioSMART IP CAM.

Smart home security systems are probably the second hottest sub-category within the smart home behind the smart thermostat, headlined by Google owned Nest’s poster-child [for smart homes in general] thermostat. Just recently we have seen the LG smart security hub cam, the iSmartAlarm and even more recently, the Netatmo Welcome.

A lot of these products offer something similar. They all feature a camera for the home, which typically pushes what it views into the cloud, which in turn ensures the footage captured doesn’t get lost if the camera gets trashed or stolen. In the case of the Mio MioSMART, it also has local storage via an SD card too

The MioSMART solution is intended to be a more holistic home security solution though, and also features the ever popular door and window sensors. The most popular door and window sensors on the market are currently made by Hive, reviewed here yet the market is new, with Hive themselves only launching around a month back. These sensors do what they say on the tin, meaning they connect to the door or window and fire an alert to their companion app on your smartphone if the status-quo changes. Or in other words, if your window or door opens, the app shouts at you to ensure you know about it.

Mio President Steve Chang said: “Mio is a pioneer in the digital video recorder (DVR) sector. With our outstanding knowhow in camera technology, we have consistently delivered more safety and peace of mind to our users on the road. Now, we are taking the next step by applying our technology in the home security field, bringing all-around security to the lives of our customers.”

This is all well and good, if not ground-breakingly unique. If you’re lucky enough to be here at MWC, then you can check out the Mio stand, located in hall 8.0