Logitech Pop Smart-switch will control your home with one button

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One of the major drawbacks of smart-homes so far has been the disparate set of walled gardens in which they currently live. The concept remains standout, but consumers are rejecting the notion of needing to ‘get into bed’ with a single manufacturer. Step froward the Logitech smart switch, which works across multiple vendors to control multiple devices through out your smart home – and thats got our team at HomeTechStar excited. Lets dive in.

The concept of the smart home is to have an interconnected world of devices which play nicely together in order to make autonomous home living a reality instead of a science fiction myth. The concept really requires the ‘coming together’ of different devices and household goods, through one command prompt, in order to really fly.

We’re all very used to the idea of controlling our TV with a remote control. Some of us are increasingly getting used to controlling more inane objects, like our blinds and curtains with a remote control. But what if we could control both, and also say our lights, with one press of a button? Want to watch the big sports match on TV, so flick a single switch and based on a pre-set of commands, a whole host of smart home functions kick in, based on your pre-set logic. So suddenly and simultaneously your TV goes onto sports mode, your blinds close, your lights dim and your surround sound goes up a few volume notches.

And that in a nutshell is the idea behind the Logitech Pop. You set the rules, and one flick of a button is all you do thereafter.

The Logitech Pop connects to your home wifi network, which in turn enables it to control a host of your smart devices. A short roll-call of connected devices and manufacturers includes such standout smart home names such as Samsung SmartThings and Phillips Hue, as well as some lesser known players like Sonos, Insteon and Lutron.

What i really love about the Pop is its simplicity. In an inter-connected world of apps with overly complex user interfaces, the Pop can simplify this to a single press of a button. This sort of simplicity is a god send for older folks, who can not manage the complexity of the current smart home app-mageddon but who can master pressing one button in the evening to close all the curtains and change the heating settings.

However much we may think we want complex, society has a tonne of people who would benefit from the smart home emerging to offer simplicity, ease of use and genuinely useful, life changing value. If we get closer to this ideal, then more people will adopt the concept.



LOGITECH Pop, pictured below, stands to simplify and unite the smart home behind a simple to use button. Logitech Pop switch

Of course, the Pop does offer a little more complexity than ‘one button, one function’. Much like many smart phones now offer, the button is touch sensitive and you can trigger different responses with different actions. A long press may fire the sport mode on the TV but a quick press may turn the lights on and fire up the kettle.

Cost wise, the Pop comes in remarkably inexpensive. A single Logitech smart switch costs $39.99 and a more advanced starter-package comes loaded with 2 switches 9which you can wall mount in different parts of your home) as well as a plug in bridge which gets the device synced up. That comes in at a more punchy but still affordable $99.

The Logitech Pop debuts in the US this month, with a further worldwide release date schedule to be announced. We’ll keep you posted, and as always, will aim to get a full review of this product out of the door asap.