LG Smart Security Hub – What It Does, What It Costs And When Its Out

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LG have announced their smart security Hub solution offering, meaning they are officially entering the Smarthome Security sector – consisting of devices which help you self-manage your home security – which represents one of the main growth sectors within the smart home and home automation niches. This niche is in itself one of the fastest growing sectors within consumer technology, meaning that its big news.


The device is no radical offering, meaning it does nothing which makes it truly standout within the sector. However it does bring a lot of tools which you would want to have in a DIY home solution, and it brings them backed by the Korean companies formidable technology reputation, and the trust that it brings amongst consumers – something which should not go un-noted in the home security – of all things – space.

What is the LG Smart Security Hub?

The LG Smart Security Hub has been rumoured since the middle of 2015. The device consists of a camera with a huge peripheral vision of just shy of 180 degrees (152-degrees to be precise). This camera is connected, via the Internet of Things (IoT) to a ‘home hub’.

The home hub houses the siren, a requisite for any home security solution, as well as an environmental monitor. Effectively the hub acts as the brains of the system, pulling in the data points from the camera in order to analyse and monitor your home 24 hours a day.

Developed in partnership with security company ADT and hinted at back in May, the LG Smart Security Solution is a connected cam with a large 152-degree field of view, a smart home hub with all of the antennas I’d hope for in a hub, as well as an environmental monitor and a siren.

The LG and ADT partnership lets you set it up so that ADT will monitor the hub for you, removing an aspect of the do it yourself element of home security. After it, its all well and good until the siren actually goes off, right? This is all done via a contract free deal, which begins at $20, but realistically expect it to scale markedly from there. That’s very much the starting out point.

Canopy, the service provided by ADT hooks up with other connected devices too. The ubiquitous Samsung SmartThings – ubiquitous because its almost literally connected to every other smart offering out there. Other partners include the less ubiquitous Kiddie and the Ring video doorbell.



What the hub does represent is LG’s play to get into the centre of the smart home. This is the same play being made by Samsung, as well as Amazon via their Echo product, which brings voice control via Alexa (a bit like Siri on iOS devices). Apple are in the space and Google too, who own NEST, the smart thermostat which is most associated with the whole smart home space.

The LG Smart Security Hub is clearly defined as being centred on the security element of home automation though, which is differentiated from the others. Samsung, via their acquired SmartThings business have placed the TV at the centre of their offering. So LG are more uniquely placed and can focus on adding smart lock manufacturers, smart doorbells and smart camera systems to their offering. Its a less bold play, but an important one nevertheless.

LG Smart Security Hub cost – how much will it cost ‘all in’?

When considering how much the LG Smart Security System will cost, we need to bear in mind that there is an additional storage cost. The camera is filming after all, and can film in 1080p high definition. HD film is heavier on storage and a luxury which may or may not be required. For the system to be useful, you’re going to need a bare minimum of a days worth of recording, assuming you’re home very night. However, the value proposition for this service improves the more that you spend time away from the home – as this is when you’re most likely to have a security issue. So the cost of running the SMart Security System is at the moment at least, ill defined over longer use cases (think a two week vacation).

The system does live feed into the LG companion app, meaning you can monitor throughout the day. This could lower the cost of using the service. What’s more, the system has an alert, via a push notification, if it detects anything is awry. Motion alerts can be misnomers though, and they’re hardly novel. Plus, you still need to be recording if you want to build evidence should, for example, a break in occur.

The overall price is yet to be confirmed.


The LG Smart Security System is forecast to be released in quarter 1, 2016. We will keep you posted of developments.