Google Home To Be Announced On March 28th, Hit UK Shelves In June

The Google rival to the Amazon Echo will launch this month - here is what you need to know

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Google Home is set to launch this month, and it is set to be the search giants rival to the Amazon Echo. Google, who of course own Nest – one of the standout products in the smart home space – have sent invites around the leading tech blogs and its a racing certainty that the invites relate to their Google Home release.

HomeTechStar’s understanding is that the Home product will hit the shelves sometime in June 2017, but pre-orders will be taken immediately on the back of the announcement. The Google Home product has been available in the U.S since Q4 2015, so this product has not been fast to make it over to the U.K. It has been in a somewhat perpetual state of ‘coming soon’, with some questioning if it will ever arrive on the back of these prolonged delays. This state of flux was lifted in January, when Google announced at Mobile World Congress that the device will be in U.K shops by the end of June 2017.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is positioned as a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo – a device which we have a long standing affinity with here at HTS. You can see the Echo in action below

Google Home is not all that different. In the same way that you can use Alexa to control your music as well as other connected IoT devices – Google Home works in a similar manner. From thermostats like Nest – see our comparison of Nest verses Hive here – to smart lighting like the Phillips Hue, all of this can be voice-controlled using Home.

Where Apple have Siri and Amazon have Alexa, Google has the slightly less robotic-person named ‘Google Assistant’ tool which is your point of interaction with the Home device. In almost all other ways, this technology is very similar to the rivals, and people can argue all day and night over which is best. We have always found that Siri has perhaps the deepest set of tools, but the voice recognition of Alexa is hard to beat.


Google still hasn’t revealed the U.K price of Google Home – but this should become clear by the end of Match when they officially announce the Home in the U.K.

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