Google announces Brillo & Weave CES Update, partnering with LG and Asus

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Google have used the annual post-Christmas Las Vegas knees-up commonly known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to announce their latest foray into the world of smarthome technology.

Google’s ‘internet of things’ platform is the glue with which the search giants want to use to stitch together the smart home revolution. In a comparable way to the role that their Android operating system works for mobile devices, the internet of things platform complete with its own Brillo and Weave language will be the central hub which binds the smart home.

Brillo and weave was announced as long ago as the Mobile World Congress show, in Barcelona last March. In the intervening c.10 months the details have been a little thin on the ground, but the Google announcements in Las Vegas, Nevada indicate that the platform is moving forward.


Brillo and Weave will be the ‘underlying operating system for the internet of things’. Brillo, meaning a more polished Android is the base OS, and weave binds together the different devices that operate within the internet of things. This cross platform stitching allows mobile phones, the internet in general and the smart devices connected to it to talk with one another.

What we do know is that Google – despite being somewhat quiet around the subject in general of late – have a keen interest in smart tech for the home. They acquired perhaps the sectors most prominent and well recognised brand ‘Nest’ ( a smart heating controller) last year. Its been forecast by Forester that there will be 38.5 billion connected evices by 2020, and this is rapidly becoming a sector that Google can neither ignore nor fail to progress more rapidly around as we enter 2016.

Their new smart home partner programme will feature recognised manufacturers like Asus from the go. This means that Asus smart home devices will be able to connect with Android devices. Kwikset, the company behind an innovative smart lock for the home, have also announced at CES that they will seek a partnership with Google too. LG too have announced that they plan to incorporate Brillo and Weave into their tech, enabling easier connectivity for those without LG phones.

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