Flair Smart Thermostat & Puck Smart-Vent Change Temperature Based On Who’s In The Room

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Flair, a company in the smart home heating space, have developed a product with the intention of solving the problem of different temperatures suiting different people in the home. Their ‘Puck’ system changes the temperature of a room based on the preferences of the person in it. It leverages what they call ‘ the best feature’ of a smart-thermostat, its internet connection, in order to personalise the homes temperature, with what promises to be an affordable yet elegant solution.

Smart home technology has found a lot of popularity (the early adopter market) amongst the rental markets in large cities across the USA and Europe. In such situations, houses are often shared, meaning that people come together from different cultures, lifestyles and with different temperature expectations. Some are thus used to hotter homes, others un-heated ones. Families too often have very different temperature preferences.

With the Flair system, you get a ‘Puck’ controller, which lets you remotely control the temperature, and the ‘Flair’ which is the smart vent. Puck wirelessly connects with the home thermometer, via the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling it to learn your heating preferences. As individuals will all have access to the thermostat via an app on their individual smartphones, the usage patterns can then be traced easily, and different temperature points can be attributed to different individuals. So if dad always comes home and turns down the thermostat, the system can understand both the starting and ending temperatures. Then if mum comes and boosts it back up to 22 degrees, then the smart-system understands that mum likes a warmer room.

According to the Flair co-founder, Daniel Myers, his system gives users the “power to heat and cool each room to their liking when they’re home, and to conserve energy while they’re away,”. This ability to monitor both heating and cooling will save you 30% on your energy bills, according to the company.

Flair smart air vent
The Flair smart air vent can save 30% on energy bills

The system can be wall mounted, as illustrated or it can be hidden away, as strictly speaking it doesn’t need direct interaction. We are quite fond of the styling though and think it sits well on the wall. The design is under-stated and elegant, without being over the top ‘showy’. Its therefore easy to see how it can fit into a range of modern home interiors.


Both the Puck and its accompanying Smart Vent can be pre-ordered at $40 and $60, respectively, on Flair’s website and are set to be in the shops, or more importantly in your home, by Spring 2016.