First Smart Home Development Going Up, Forming ‘Smarthome Community’

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A small development of smart homes has been built, in Arizona, USA. This represents one of the first major smart home developments, going way beyond the simple concept of adding smart features to existing houses, this instead takes the concept to the zenith.

The emergence of entire communities of smart homes could emerge further during 2016, a year which has already been dubbed as ‘the year of the smart home’.

So what does a smart community entail? This example, built by Pepper Viner, is a small development of 26 loft apartments. The concept is to create much more versatile, buyer driven housing. This means less cookie cutter housing, and more buyer inspired features. All will be set across two levels, and will feature 2-3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. They max out at $220,000, and are located centrally, near the university of Arizona.




Smart features, include a built-in NEST smart thermostat – the smart tech owned by Google – as well as built in WiFI, wall sockets with USB outlets, RTI automation and smart security systems. The whole home is controlled via a connected device, in this case an iPad Mini. According to Bob Vilner, CEO of the firm, “Buyers will be able to control the features of their home from an iPad mini that is included in every home purchase,”

Learn more about this innovative smart home project on their official website or call 382-9032 if you’re local and go and check them out.