The 3 Best New Smart Home Gadgets This Fall

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As the summer draws to a close, we have turned our attention to searching for some great smart home gadgets to augment your house this fall season.

1. Krups Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine

Our coffee culture shows no sign of abating, so why not combine a great home coffee with another new smart home gadget? That is precisely the premise behind the Nespresso Prodigio.

So what does ‘smart’ tech do for a coffee machine? Well, it starts by ‘live’ monitoring your capsule stockpile, which of course is a pretty big part of ensuring you don’t wake up to a dry home on a cooler Monday morning. Secondly, via the Nespresso app, you’re able to control the machine from your smartphone. Whilst doubtlessly the latter feature could come in useful when you’re arriving home, we actually like the idea of firing the machine up from the comforts of our bedroom. Think about the cooler mornings that we’re now facing, and the prospect of not even needing to get out of bed in order to get the coffee brewing. Now that is what I call SMART! The main downside of this gadget has to be the price, which at £159 is frankly quite punchy.

Below is a view of the app;



and here is the entire machine, in all of its chick modern glory;



2. Tefal Actifry Smart XL

I’m a huge fan of smart kitchen technology. Period. I really feel that the kitchen is on area in the home which is positively crying out for a smart revolution. From the ordering of food to the stocking of it, from the management of sell by dates through to the actual process of deciding what to cook with it, then that is before we move on to the actual cooking process – which in our modern 24/7 lifestyles, is something that i feel smart tech can help us achieve a smoother way of cooking more healthy meals with greater variety. And that is where, friends of, is where the Tefal Actifry comes into its own.

This smart kitchen gadget could be a revolution. You hook it up with your smart phone and it helps lead on the execution of the recipe that you use your phone to pump into it. It even goes as far as enabling you to set the cooking duration, temperature and the stirring motions. So if you have something like a bolognese which benefits from lots of stirring, then you up the frequency whereas if you slow cooking say pulled pork, then you can ratchet that bit back a bit. This gadget helps you decide what to eat tonight and then dammed well helps you cook it – meaning this is another of the smart home gadgets which have caught our eye running into fall 2016. Below is the machine in action



3. ECO IQ Thermostat

As we rapidly approach the colder seasons, we have to turn our attention back to heating our homes. This quickly points us in the direction of one of the main breakout ‘wins’ of the smart home era – smart thermostats. The Nest is probably the best known of all smart home technology, but the Google owned company’s offering is no longer worthy of the title ‘new’. So when we dive into the best new smart home gadgets we would be remiss not to point out the ECO IQ thermostat. What do we really like about it? Well, for one it hooks up to the internet of things, meaning it can pull your local weather reports. It then takes a five day summary and actually plans your heating (or air con) usage – helping you to stay on top of your bills by having an understanding of what your immediately upcoming usage is likely yo look like. This opens up the capability to better plan and understand how you use energy in the home, and that lets you make smarter decisions – which is also something that we really like.



and there we have it – our best three new smart home gadgets which you should consider an investment in this fall. As the season ‘warms’ up, we’ll keep this list updated, and as always, feel free to share your favorite finds in the comments below