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Rich mineral resources are the advantages of China is new energy vehicles

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"China's new energy vehicles have many advantages, among which the mineral resources needed to make batteries are particularly abundant. Zheng Gang, general manager of Beiqi New Energy Co., Ltd., told reporters at the Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Achievement Exhibition in 2015 that China's new energy vehicles have the opportunity to realize the leap from a big country to a powerful country through transformation, upgrading and self-pressurization in the automobile manufacturing industry.

First of all, China has natural advantages in developing new energy vehicles. As we all know, the core resource of new energy vehicles is batteries. At present, ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used. Compared with traditional automobiles, China has far more important resources to develop battery technology than multinational companies.

The restriction of developing traditional automobiles is oil. However, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, once a certain scale is reached in the future, the mineral resources needed to produce new energy batteries are a constraint point. Judging from the mineral resources needed to make batteries, whether lithium, iron, Meng, ene, graphite or graphene, China has abundant reserves, ranking among the world's top resource occupants, while the world's automotive powers rank behind.

Secondly, China's battery industry and electrochemistry have many years of research and development history, so it has a good accumulation of existing technology. Global battery suppliers in China. The process of developing new energy vehicles in China is basically on the same starting line as that in other countries, but technically, especially in the development of pure electric vehicles, the core technology and key components are all in the hands of the Chinese themselves. "The development of pure electric vehicles can be completely self-sufficient. "Zheng Gang firmly told reporters.

Not only that, in the market promotion, China's new energy vehicles have a strong cost-performance ratio, can better grasp the needs of users, better integration with Internet automobile enterprises, and have a better user group. At present, in the promotion of new energy automobiles, China's self-owned brand ranks at 90%, which shows that it is very different from traditional automobile brands.

For this reason, Zheng Gang confidently expressed that in the future in the field of new energy vehicles, China will cultivate Chinese demand companies, China will also have the opportunity to cultivate Chinese automobile brand.

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