Netatmo Presence Might Be The Best Smart Home Security System Available

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The Netatmo Presence smart home security system, offers perhaps the most advanced home security based system that we have seen so far, with a camera so perceptive that it genuinely amazes around what it can detect. Designed to capture movement around your home or car, as well as providing a feedback loop around the activity of your pets in the garden, it is one of the most well designed, built and execute pieces of smart home kit that we have seen yet. The product joins their stable of products, including their thermostat and ‘Welcome’ home camera.

The product has already earned a raft of positive sentiment around the web. According to Techcrunch, the Presence makes home security ‘suck less’. The Verge were genuinely amazed by the level of detail – as were we at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, stating its ‘truly remarkable in its detail

The Presence system is intended to inform you about the movements around the outside of your home, providing a remote detection system which lets you observe your property from work, whilst on vacation or whilst generally out and about. The camera is so detailed, that it will detect everything from cars and people – the easy bit – right the way through to the harder to detect, like birds and animals. In fact, so good is the camera that we began to wonder if it is too good – and whether it may begin to cause paranoia and fear, by buzzing or beeping away on your smartphone when in reality its just a blackbird flying past your front door rather than a balaclava clad bad-guy. The question becomes – has home security in the smart home age almost become too good?

Netatmo Presence security system has a clever algorithm, built to ensure it doesn’t scare you every time the postman drops a letter trough your letterbox

However, then we realised that the Netatmo home security system has more brains to it then that. The company have developed an algorithm for the device which helps circumnavigate the potential fear aspect of this product. In other words, it has the brains to warrant been labelled as a smart home device.

This algorithm helps it machine-learn over time, meaning it gets smarter about when it does – and does not – ping your smartphone to inform you of movements around your front door. How good is this algorithm? unfortunately its almost impossible to tell. Like any machine learning system, it needs time to do the learning, and this goes above and beyond the confines of a CES demonstration. Therefore, that will have to wait until we can get our hands on the product and create a full Netatmo review.

What we did see was the perception and detection skills that the company have developed. In Las Vegas, they were playing a feed which apaprantly contained a dog running past the house. On first glance, almost everyone present at the demo missed the dog, but the Netatmo detection system did not – pulling out the fact that a dog had run past multiple times. It was a remarkable demonstration, and set the mind wandering to what could be achieved with this technology in more professional environments.

Could schools, hospitals and care homes use it to pick up on wandering children or elderly folks? Or prisons to capture the behaviour and movements of inmates? anyhow, these are future use cases, as the company are aiming at the smart home security market, which represents one of the big two (alongside thermostats) areas of exploding growth in the home automation, intelligent home and smart home niches.


Netatmo Presence - a smart home security system
Netatmo Presence – a smart home security system


The open questions revolve around the use cases. Do we need a home security system as good as the Netatmo Presence? Does it actually go too far? Will it make you paranoid, constantly getting pinged to inform you that your home could be getting broken in to, when in reality its a simple delivery?

What is clear, is that this is really and truly great bit of kit. Check it out in action below. You can learn more about the Presence on their equally impressive website, which provides a raft of additional information.

The [product can be installed simply, and you can sign up to be notified the release date on their website, linked above. Any questions, shout in the comments below.