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Smart Home Products

Smart Home Products

Smart Home products span over 200 different connected devices, from smart locks to smart bulbs. Home automation systems and other such technology is evolving rapidly and changing quickly, with the scene being set by the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016. Here you'll find the latest opinions, smart product reviews, and how-to guides, helping you go from dumb home to smart home.

Smart Hearing Aids Update – Here Is What To Expect In 2016 And Beyond

Today we’re diving into how smart home tech and wearable technology in general is set to revolutionize the hearing aid market, in much the same way that it is changing the...

Iris Debut £130 DIY Kit, Transforming A House Into A Smarthome

Smart homes are all the rage but for many of us they come at a very punch price point. Step up Iris, the do it yourself kit which promises to transform...