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Welcome to We specialise in delivering the latest news, reviews and specialised opinion around the smart home space.

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Smart home technology is the new boomtown of consumer tech.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held annually at the start of January, highlighted that Smart Homes are the breakout product set for 2016 and beyond.

The consumer technology manufacturers have been seeking their new rockstar product, a product which can rival the decade of huge success that the smartphone brought. For a while they thought it was the tablet, then the smartwatch but both lacked a key property – you can live without them. The smartphone is ubiquitous but the manufacturers think the smarthome is the next genre that will dominate for the coming decade. We exist to help you navigate through this rapidly growing space, and we aim to help advise you in your pursuit of building a smarthome.

Michael Homestead – Michael Homestead is a passionate blogger who has been writing about wearable smart tech since 2012. He built his last technology news site over a three year gestation, before selling the business in Q4 2015. Michael has started HomeTechStar to cover the latest smart home topics, bringing his unique voice and insight to the space. Michael’s work has been featured across multiple news and content websites over the last 5 years.

Shruti Fatehpuria – Shruti has a passion for wearable and smart technology, and worked with Michael on his previous business. Shruti provides a range of news content for HomeTechStar as well as in-depth features which dive into the topic, a newly built blog focussing on the booming smart home market is seeking new writers!

We’re always on the lookout for the best new emerging writers and reviewers to join our team, either in person in our London HQ or remotely. We have a high ambitions for this project and are seeking writers who match our outlook. If this could be you, then get in touch with us below.

Why would you want to write for HomeTechStar?

  • Do you want to join a growing team of writers who are given free reign to cover their topic, without editorial interference?
  • Do you want a platform to share your views with thousands of informed and passionate readers?
  • Do you want to grow your exposure as a writer and help promote your own property?
  • Do you want to earn extra money, either working directly with us or part time on a freelance basis? We pay our writers after just 30 days of writing for us, beating the market average by a full 30 days


What are we seeking in a writer?

  • You should be a native¬†English language speaker
  • know your way around WordPress
  • Be able to submit a minimum of three high quality articles a week
  • Have a passion for smart home technology

No experience needed, get in touch today if you think we could work well together!


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